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Wine Pairing Options



  1. Food provided by Guest.(preferred caterer can be recommended)
  2. Must purchase 1 bottle wine per 3 scheduled attendees( for tasting/serving)
  3. Minimum 20 persons/maximum 95 persons; children allowed if supervised.
  4. Pairing includes :  tour of our facility and optional PowerPoint presentation on fruit growing, wine making and tasting, or alcohol effects. Also includes server, glassware and utensils/napkins for pairing. Banquet  supplies by Guest or Caterer.
  5. Cost: $200/hr (prep room)for under 30 people; $400/hr(prep and Peach Room) for greater than 30 people– minimum 2 hours for either room choice.  Gratuity in addition optional.
  6. Hayride/pony rides available at request with additional charge.
  7. No outside alcohol permitted on premises.  
  8. Soft Drinks/Soda available at nominal cost  but may be provided by guest.
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