Summit City Farms is a family-owned vertically integrated agribusiness that has been servicing the New Jersey area since 1922. Our wholesale working farm primarily comprises of peach, nectarine, and apple orchards along with a variety of other crops. We are proud to supply wholesale fruits and offer over 30 varieties of wines produced on our over 500 acres of farmland located in and around Glassboro, New Jersey.

At Summit Farms we pride ourselves in our decades of history and participation in our local community. The fruits that are grown in our orchards support such efforts. Since we operate the sale of our fruits at a wholesale level, “self-picking” of our fruits is not offered to the public.  You can still taste our delicious fruit by visiting our on-site fruit stand located at 500 University Blvd. Glassboro, NJ from July to October.

Premium Fruit

We are first and foremost a commercial family farm business. Our commitment to producing quality ripe, flavorful and safe fruit is our most important mission. Learn more about our process

Where to Buy

Our tree-ripened fruit including peaches, nectarines, and apples are purchased in our farm stand. Additionally, the commercial sale of our peaches and nectarines are sold wholesale through the Jersey Fruit Cooperative.

What’s in Season

Summit City Commercial Farms provides peaches, nectarines, and apples, which are harvested and sold from July to October. Summit City sells the majority of their fruit harvested wholesale through the Jersey Fruit Cooperative.

Where to Buy Our Fruits

Wholesale Peaches & Nectarines

All wholesale peaches, nectarines and apples are packed at Eastern Propak L.L.C. and sold under the Jersey Fruit label by Sunny Valley International. Feel free to contact us for more information on commercial sales at 856-863-9100

Our Retail Stand

Fruits and Various locally grown items can be purchased at our retail stand located at 500 University Blvd. Glassboro, NJ 08028 only minutes from Route 55 and Rt 322. The fruit stand opens from around July 15 to the end of the season.

What’s in season

Mid Summer

We typically harvest yellow flesh clingstone, yellow flesh freestone, and white flesh peaches from July through the middle of September.

Late Summer

We pick our first Nectarine varieties in early August and have Nectarines through the end of August as well as Golden Delicious and early Fuji Apples.

Mid Fall

Summit City has apples through October. Varieties include UltraGold Delicious, early Fuji, Honeycrisp, Red Fuji, and Rome. Our apples are NOW Certified Organic.

Learn About Different Peach Varieties

Out of the hundreds of varieties of peaches, each can be classified as clingstone, freestone, or semi-freestone. In general, most peaches are classified by how firmly the flesh attaches to the pit.

Clingstone: These are so named because the flesh clings stubbornly to the stone or pit. In the Northern hemisphere, this type is the first to be harvested, ripening May through August. The flesh is yellow, with bright red touches closest to the stone. They have a soft texture and are juicier and sweeter — perfect for desserts. This is the preferred variety for jellies, jams, and canning. Although clingstones are tasty eaten fresh, they are seldom found in the local market. The commercial industry uses clingstones for peaches canned in various levels of syrup.

Freestone: As its name implies, the stone is easily removed from this variety, making it a good choice for eating fresh. Harvest begins in late May and continues to October. This is the type most commonly found in your local grocery store. They tend to be larger than clingstones, with a firmer, less juicy texture, yet still sweet. They are excellent for canning and baking purposes.

Semi-freestone: This newer type is a hybrid of the clingstone and freestone. It is good for general purposes, both fresh and canned.